When will COVID 19 Third wave come in India? : Probable impacts on Indian education System

As we all know COVID-19 has hit Russia and China again, Now it’s our turn to be very cautious.

COVID 19 third wave is almost inevitable but not clear when it will occur.

We have already witnessed two highly disturbed and chaotic academic years in the history of Indian education system.

Since India has highest number students in the world, if the third wave hits India there will be a huge impact on education and subsequent R&D all over the globe.

If we do not take enough care now, we may have to shift to online mode of teaching in this year again. That will be a huge setback to the students who are doing preparations for entrance exams like NEET, JEE etc.

This will effect rural students very much. As most of them cannot afford or have good Internet connection.

The above said point is against SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Precautions that we can take

  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • Follow masking and sanitisation orders
  • Double masking (it gives extra protection against COVID 3rd wave delta variant)
  • Whenever you touch something or someone, it is important to sanitise.
  • Always keep hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes with you wherever you go.

Alva’s Remote Education System (ARES)

Alvas Remote Education System (ARES).

This platform is completely online based and anybody can join the courses offered.

ARES offers courses in
*Foundation Courses
*NEET/CET/JEE Coaching
*Online test bundles
*Crash Course
The courses are applicable for students from 8th Standard onwards. Duration will be for 1 year.

They have Weekdays(Monday to Saturday) and Weekends(Saturday & Sunday) Batches for NEET/CET/JEE courses

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JEE or NEET which is difficult?

I have been teaching for both NEET and JEE (mains and advanced) for past 8 years. I will try to give a crisp and unbiased answer to your question.

If you look at the level of competition, it is very very high in both the exams.

Which means the struggle/ the effort a student has to put to get into a very good medical college or an IIT is almost equal.

POINT 1. (very important)

NEET is more of memory.

JEE is more of understanding.


Purpose of both the examinations is different. Therefore they must differ in their difficulty level.


Through JEE exams we have to select students with very good analytical and logical skills. Because they are future engineers or scientists.


Through NEET we select candidates who can become good doctors. A doctor needs more information, he has to be very fast in taking decisions and he should have great memory power. (hence we give less time to answer NEET)

To summarise,


JEE REPEATERS BATCH or LONG TERM for 2022 JEE mains and JEE advanced

It is not a secret that ENGINEERS are not getting jobs easily.

For good placements we should get into IIT’S, NIT’S or atleast good regional colleges or some top private engineering colleges.

So good ranking in JEE (Mains and advanced) or atleast state level entrance exams like KCET in Karnataka is a must. Otherwise you’ll have to shell out huge amount of your hard earned money.

In this perspective Alva’s education foundation Moodbidri has announced exclusive JEE repeater batch for JEE 2022 (Mains and advanced)

Students who didn’t get proper coaching due to various reasons can make use of it.

Alva’s education foundation has 25 years of experience in this field

Special concession will be given based on SSLC marks and JEE main percentile


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